Patient Testimonials

Dr. Prashant Kadam.

Eternal Power to combat cancer

Self confidence and eternal force can lead any one to the desired goal it is my self observation and belief .I have had been ailing with acute and chronic myeloid leukemia (Ph +ve), Deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, leukemic pericarditis, A-Vascular Necrosis 2nd Stage, associated with thymic carcinoma. Since the year 2007 with various predisposing agents harboring in my body. I had the persisting thymus in my chest, which ought to have been automatically degenerated by the age of attaining puberty it was entrusted to be one of the causing agents.

The condition led me to knock every and many doors engaged in handling the condition in various patients. As suggested time to time, I put to go under surgical knife many times (16 Major surgery)to enucleate the causative factors to gain the desired result, on all occasions, I was mentally bold enough with every surgeon to face the pain music. I enjoyed the surgical intervention with pleasure and smile because of my eternal strength and mental makeup.

Undoubtedly, I used to realize some relief for a short but repeatedly the condition used to prevail upon me and forced to knock another door but ultimately no avail resulting me to reach the condition of non-reversible stage and no hope of further life. Obviously all hopes and door appeared to have closed for my poor parents and me as I had attained almost the terminal state and stage with further 0% chances of recovery.

It took almost 47 days to bring me to a condition when I could be moved off the hospital and put to medication as outdoor patient ,I have no hesitation in recording that it is the Ashirwad Hospital - Mumbai and its dedicated staff which left no stone unturned to receive my condition. Obviously all possible measures and latest drugs available in the market as a whole led me to the present condition. I woe to eat.

I need not to mention that the dreadly disease and its management required unlimited financial aid, which has to be met by all resources possible to achieve the goal as without finances everything is unadvisable, for this I have no words to express the efforts of my parents still when I retrieve all facts and figures my eyes do not support me without tears.

I am confident and assure all my similar ailing brothers not to leave any hope ,be courageous,bold and the attention given to your life.

Ajit Dutta and Ruby Bhatiaa

It is with great joy that we share our happiness upon the birth of our beautiful little boy, KrishaangDutta.

Krishaang was born at Ashirwad Hospital on July 28th, 2011 at the loving hands of Dr. Prashant. Dr.Divya's warmth, care and expertise made the entire process enjoyable and indeed, unforgettable. With great attention to detail and with unruffled patience, she guided us wisely through the pregnancy and delivery. Her professional yet affectionate approach made us feel confident and secure, helping us to face the challenge of labour with strength and courage.

In this age of increasing C-Section deliveries, we are proud and happy that ours could be a completely normal delivery, thanks to Dr.Prashant's knowledge and experience. She monitored the contractions and epidural with such ease, that the baby was delivered in a smooth manner with minimal pain and inconvenience.

Also a big thanks to the entire staff of NICU and the 8th floor, who took care of our baby as if he was their own. Dr.Preeta and Vinay Joshi, all the resident doctors, and Dr.ShantanuSen in Paediatrics continue to help us at every step with unswerving dedication. The entire team is extraordinary.

Our stay at the hospital was more like a vacation, with its incredible cleanliness, amenities and beautiful, spacious environment. In every way, a big thank you to Dr.Prashant to Ashirwad Hospital for giving Mumbai a hospital to be proud of.

Thank You, Ashirwad Hospital!

Manohar Chadalavada

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing on behalf of my family to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding care and compassion your staff provided during the course of my wife Mrs. Hema  Manohar's second pregnancy and delivery under the guidance care of Dr. Suchitra  Pandit.
Thanks to incredible support from Dr. Suchitra Pandit, every aspect of to be-mothers care, be it diet, rest, medications, exercise - was planned and explained to my wife. If any doubts were ever there in our minds were put to rest, when she had told us about preterm labour at 33 weeks and Dr. Pandit  guided us ably with medications & we pulled through to 37 weeks full term with strict  bed rest.
I would like to thank Dr.Divya Kadam and her team Dr. Prashant for her patience, diligence and quick thinking during the delivery of our son. (I was there at the labour room)
(Baby Yashvardhan, Jun 26th,2012, 11.40pm)
Along with their team nurses Ms. Sandhya, Bincimol of labour-delivery suite 8th floor, my wife was able to have an absolutely brilliant childbirth experience and after care. They truly made the difference to her delivery with their calm nature, constant support and care. They are the most amazing, wonderful inspirational people who made such a phenomenal difference during our stay at your hospital.
Words might not suffice to express our heartfelt thanks to all of them.  We wish them many more successful deliveries in the future.
Thank you once again and all the best.

Prachi and Amit

Dear Dr. Divya

Hope you are doing well. I am in my 22nd week of pregnancy and Dr.Divya still remembers my reaction to having twins every time I visit her! Amit and I are truly grateful to you and the CREF department staff for giving us the most invaluable gifts of our lives.

The most differentiating aspect of having known you and your team is the professional and systematic approach that you adopt towards dealing with patients. The responsible attitude of keeping the patient and her spouse abreast of the various medical processes, detailed instructions and a lot of one-to-one attention is something that I miss till date. I will never forget the warmth and understanding that you extended to me during my ectopic pregnancy last year.

Twin pregnancy is surely giving me a lot of challenging times like back ache, tiredness etc, but when I see our little ones grow through the ultrasound scans, these problems do not look as challenging. I just hope everything goes well.

We will surely drop in to meet you during our next visit to the hospital.

We cannot think of any areas for improvement. You and your team are doing a great job and bringing a lot of happiness in many people's lives!

Lots of love and regards.

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